Inspired to Grow

The Collingwood Group provides advisory services and business development opportunities combined with access to decision makers, financial sponsors, corporate boards and senior industry executives.

The firm’s core focus is set on helping companies and investors drive growth, build their businesses and accelerate value creation through the identification and exploitation of differentiated opportunities in the financial services industry.

The Collingwood Group’s success emanates from its unique ability to combine the Partners’ federal sector knowledge with nearly a century of combined industry experience.

For companies seeking to succeed amidst the historic business and regulatory changes of the new decade, The Collingwood Group offers extraordinary perspective on federal agencies and private sector entities at the center of today’s restructuring of financial services.

Our Name

Collingwood was the name given to George Washington’s river farm on the Potomac. As a planter, Washington was known to be a restless seeker of new opportunities for his family and business partners. Collingwood was the ground upon which much of his entrepreneurship grew. It was good college essays there Washington tested and developed profitable, new ideas that blossomed into good enterprises.

From George Washington’s river farm came the inspiration of our company’s name.