Advisory Services

Advisory Services

This practice area is designed to provide clients with independent insight and intelligence on business and policy opportunities and to develop practical strategies to address existing challenges. -Enhance, complement, or expand client’s business relationships through Collingwood’s extensive reach across the full range of industry participants.  -Leverage “trusted advisor” status with housing agencies, GSEs, and regulators to advocate solutions and promote companies, while surfacing actionable business intelligence.

The Collingwood Group’s clients are active in all areas of the housing finance sector and include mortgage lenders, banks and insurance companies, mortgage servicers, mortgage technology companies’ asset managers, and risk management and data analytics solutions providers.

Since its inception, the firm has facilitated opportunities for its clients in numerous areas including:

We work with clients to quickly define business goals, determine the scope of challenges and advise on a full range of solutions. Economic and financial analysis, public policy evaluation, communications planning and execution, process implementation and strategic partnering are all key tools in The Collingwood Group’s approach to business advisory services.


Customer Requirement

A leading provider of real estate disposition services with significant private sector experience sought to achieve similar success in the federal housing sector with the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and Veterans Affairs (VA).

The business challenge: federal procurements for services are primarily acquired through long RFP processes. Also, FHA and VA had long-established processes and methods for property disposition and no apparent interest in considering alternative processes and methods.

Collingwood Solution

Collingwood developed a strategy and plan of action to request participation in a “pilot” program, relying on FHA’s existing Claims Without Conveyance of Title (CWCOT) program.

Working with the client, Collingwood helped develop a compelling business case supporting FHA adoption of the demonstration program. Leveraging relationships with FHA staff, Collingwood established a dialogue between the client and FHA to design a pilot with performance measures that would demonstrate the economic benefits associated with the alternative approach to property sales.

Outcome & Benefits

After adoption of the pilot by FHA, and implementation over a period of time, the client was able to demonstrate materially improved execution levels for FHA properties disposed of via the CWCOT method.

FHA ultimately implemented the program as a requirement across all servicers, resulting in significant earnings to the client over a number of years.

With further involvement of the Collingwood team, the program was successfully extended to include the VA and the Department of Agriculture’s rural housing programs.