Business Development

Business Development

This practice area is devoted to expanding client business opportunities by raising visibility and securing new strategic partners to increase revenue and enhance enterprise value.

When clients become business development partners with us, they acquire the advantage of our industry knowledge, operational expertise and existing relationships. Working together, we identify, qualify and close business opportunities in new and existing channels.

The Collingwood Group is uniquely qualified to support companies of all sizes entering and expanding in the federal marketplace. We offer specialized business development services to small, disadvantaged, minority, women, and veteran-owned businesses. Our experience is especially critical in helping clients understand and satisfy federal procurement requirements under the General Services Administration’s (GSA) procurement schedules and regulations.

Key Services


Customer Requirement

A large industry investor was experiencing a “Big Data” problem, causing a material negative impact on the company’s ability to complete short sales transactions at execution levels that were commercially acceptable. At the root of the problem was the investor’s inability to effectively integrate multiple, disparate data sources (internal and external), interrogate and analyze that combined data set, and then take action, at scale, in accordance with the analytic findings.

Despite many months attempting to identify a qualified analytics provider, the investor remained unable to solve their “Big Data” problem.

Collingwood Solution

Over 120 days, Collingwood’s team:

  1. Developed a set of business requirements based on the investor’s input
  2. Performed an industry scan for a capable firm that could execute at scale and integrate data from multiple sources
  3. Identified one particularly well-qualified analytics provider that was not well known within financial services but that had solved similar problems within the national security arena.

Importantly, the analytics provider easily met the investor’s functional requirements, including the essential mandate that the solution scale to the investor’s unique requirements and that the solution effectively integrate multiple internal and external data sets.  Further, the analytics firm satisfied the investor’s stringent counter-party requirements, both in terms of financial viability and past performance involving a substantially similar business problem.

Outcome & Benefits

Leveraging Collingwood’s knowledge and insight of technology solutions providers beyond the financial services industry, Collingwood was able to make recommendation to solve the “Big Data” problem using a non-traditional solutions provider – not well known by the investor as capable or experienced in the housing finance arena.

Solutions provider ultimately engaged by the investor to solve the initial “Big Data” problem as well as other similar “Big Data” challenges that investor was experiencing.