Litigation Support Services

Litigation Support

The Collingwood Group’s Litigation Support Services team combines industry-specific subject matter expertise, a consultative approach based on knowledge of relevant policy, business and industry issues, standards, customs and practices, and extensive third party vendor management and oversight experience to provide best-in-class litigation support services to our clients.

We bring to each client engagement a deep understanding of the housing finance sector and technology enabled litigation management tools, subject matter expertise regarding mortgage origination and products, securitization processes, structures and secondary market activities and extensive hands on experience in qualifying, diligencing and managing third party vendors. In addition, our professionals have a solid understanding of the litigation process, honed problem solving and analytical skills and substantial experience dealing with complex commercial, securities and financial services matters.

Our goal is to provide substantive support as a team member, not commoditized services, to our clients and to act as a central point of contact for companies and firms in connection with their litigation support needs. We aim to accomplish this goal through a combination of subject matter expertise as well as our knowledge of and ability to identify, qualify, diligence, coordinate and monitor other industry experts and vendors who are the best fit for and value to each engagement.

Key Services

The following services are representative of the services we offer to our clients in connection with the defense and resolution of complex commercial litigation matters: