Comprehensive Compliance Analysis

Growth through In-Depth Understanding

Collingwood’s multifamily operational analytics platform compares key performance indicators with business objectives to identify existing or potential risk factors affecting the financial performance of multifamily assets.

Our past experience includes overseeing the Federal Housing Administration multifamily mortgage insurance programs, as well as the risk sharing, direct loan, and capital grant programs. With direct responsibility for developing and implementing risk management protocols, we performed asset management and portfolio oversight of approximately 22,000 privately owned multifamily properties, and more than 1.2 million assisted housing units nationwide.

To ensure the long-term physical and financial viability of multifamily assets, it is crucial to conduct ongoing assessment of compliance risk and monitoring of management controls. Our team offers a third-party, objective, and independent analysis of property performance metrics and provides quality recommendations to mitigate risk, maximize returns, reduce/contain operating expenses, and sustain Net Operating Income (NOI) growth levels.

In a changing regulatory environment, a sound financial foundation combined with diligent asset oversight strengthens the institutional reputation of the owners and investors, and allows residents to have pride in the place they call home. Collingwood, through the services listed below, will play a pivotal role in identifying and mitigating risks and implementing comprehensive asset management planning to achieve your organization’s goals.

Key Services